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What's the best way of removing nail polish from cuticles?

My nail painting skills aren't the greatest and I seem to always get the polish everywhere. What's the best way of tidying up those mistakes without ruining the painted nail.What's the best way of removing nail polish from cuticles?
Go to your local beauty supply store and buy a ';ruby stone';. They come in a couple of different shapes and usually have some written instructions but this is how I use mine. I paint up my toenails...just slop it on so I get really nice oveall coverage - then some ';moist heat'; ...the easiest way is a bath or shower (if it's your fingernails, you can just soak them a few minutes in a blow) This is all done AFTER the polish is fully dried. Then, with a moist Ruby Stone you just rub on your skin where you want the polish using a pencil eraser. After you've cleaned up...apply a shiny clear coat and your mani/pedi is perfection.What's the best way of removing nail polish from cuticles?
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nail polish remover???
nail polish remover and cotton buds.. or sometimes if you wait a while and just give your hands a good wash the nail polish eventually comes off other places than your nails.
i always use the cotton buds for ears to get rid of the nail varish around the edges of my nails and cuticles. Take the majority of the polish off with nail varnish remover as normal abnd then dip the end of the cotton bud into the nail varnish remover and that'll get rid of the bits of polish left behind. It's obviously smaller than a tissue or cotton wool ball so you'll be able to get the polish off much easier than with something bigger.
a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover, or put micropore tape on your cuticles before painting so you can peel it off afterwards and have nails perfect!
Everyone's agreed that you obtain and use Nail Polish Remover. To add to that you may be interested to learn that the substance is actually 'Acetone' which you can buy more cheaply from the chemist. However, wouldn't it be jolly if you could acquire the simple art of carefully applying Nail Polish in the first place. Clearly, you are either Right handed or Left handed; I presume therefore that you are quite effective with your favourite hand. I suggest you start off using that hand. But what about the lesser hand? Obviously this will be slower and more shaky.

What I can further suggest is that you practise on a near family member (male or female) because you can remove the varnish afterwards.

Another suggestion is this; I'd love to bet that when you are 'going out' you apply your varnish hurriedly as the last part of looking splendiforous? Give yourself more time.

So here's the key points:-

1.Practise makes Perfect.

2. Practise on someone else.

3. Give yourself more time.
i'm sure Avon cosmetics do something just for this problem. check it out, if they don't, it hasn't cost you anything. web addy

good luck
put some cotton wool on a orange stick or use an cotton bud dip into some nail polish remover and remover any unwanted mistakes.
nail polish remover x
Hello there. The best thing to do is do what the professionals do and that is leave a tiny gap at the base of the nail so you are not in danger of painting the cuticle. Most chemists sell NAIL POLISH CORRECTOR PENS, these are like a felt tip pen, they contain acetone any you just rub gently onto the skin and hey presto all cleaned up beautifully. GOOD LUCK
wait for it to dry and then rub area with a fine nail file to get off dry polish. works a treat
Use a cotton bud dipped in nail varnish remover
When I paint my nails, I always have some nail polish remover and a supply of cotton buds (the ones on sticks that you can clean your ears with!). When I've finished with the polish, I dip the bud into the remover and go over the excess to remove it. This always works for me!
I tend to use ear buds dipped in the the remover, works wonders for awkward spots.
cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover
apply a little drop of ethanol./Acetic work very effectively
i believe the expert nail tecnichians (ok, i know spelling dodgy!) would tell you not to 'hit' the edge when applying. middle, side, side........repeat after me .... middle side side and don't hit the edges. However, prevention is better than cure.... also use cuticle remover treatment before application of polish!

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